Thursday, October 30, 2014


Are you in the mood to play some Halloween games?
check out this site!

J Check out our costumes 
and enjoy some Halloween Jokes J

-What do birds say on Halloween?  Twick or Tweet!
 -How does a witch tell time She looks at her witch watch!
 -What is a spooks favorite ride?  Roller Ghost-er
 -What do spooks eat at a cookout?  Hallo-weenies!
 -What does a witch like to eat A sand-witch!
 -What is a ghost's favorite treat?  Boo-ble Gum!
 -What do monsters play on a rainy dayMusical scares!
 -Where does a vampire take a bubble bath?  In the bat-room!
 -What do you get when you cross a nursery rhyme with a scary story?  Mother Goosebumps!
 -What is the most important subject in a witch school?  Spelling!

RIF October

These three student were the top readers for October RIF.  
They were only required to read 15 minutes each school night.
However they read WAY beyond the goal!  Way to go!
Who will read the most in November?
(Remember Goal for Nov. = 300 minutes.  Due November 26)

Outside of class time, you will need to read 15 minutes per day.  At the end of the month you will turn in this chart as part of your reading grade.  In addition, you may be eligible to earn special rewards if you meet or go beyond the required minutes.  Sit back and enjoy a good book, comic, newspaper, magazine, or whatever you like!  


I am so proud of this class.
They are working hard collecting BOX TOPS!
So far we've collected...
500 boxtops and earned popsicles

1000 boxtops and earned ice cream

1500 boxtops and earned popcorn (with Bulldog cups and drink)

Thanks for supporting our school and clipping the BoxTops!
Our next class goal is to collect 2000 = a kickball game with Mrs. Ivers!

Also note - Every class that turns in 500 BoxTops by November 30 will celebrate with a festively decorated lunch table on Friday, Dec.12!  Let's make that our goal!  We can do it!  Especially with all the holiday cooking coming up!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Costume Reminder

Gardner Elementary is allowing students to dress up for Halloween.  Because Halloween falls during Red Ribbon Week this year, Wednesday, October 29th, the district theme  is "Scare Away Drugs".  The saying may be misleading, we are NOT encouraging your child to have a scary costume...Dorthy, Alice, and Batman are welcomed and encouraged!
We do need to remember that this is still an academic school day so we are asking for your help in assisting your child to follow our costume guidelines listed below.  At Gardner, we have three expectations, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Safe.  We expect these three rules to be followed when choosing and wearing costumes that day.  
If any of the guidelines below are not followed, parents will be called and the possibility of Gardner Elementary students dressing up in the future will be at risk. 
We appreciate your help making this a memorable day for your child.

*Students should come to school in their costume.
*Costumes must be bathroom friendly & able to be worn all day without interfering with instruction.
 *No face painting of any kind (not even whiskers painted on to be a cat, etc.).  
No face masks of any kind...the entire face must be visible. 
No props or weapons of any kind.  We do not want anyone getting injured or a prop being lost or broken. 
*No blood, guts, etc. 
*Appropriate shoes must be worn for PE and recess
If you are wondering if your child's costume will violate any of the above guidelines, it will be best for them not to wear it.

Great Grades!

Last week we officially kicked off the "Great Grades" program.  
(Originally known as Rallying for Bulldog Improvement)
Waterloo Chamber of Commerce, along with local businesses sponsor this program.
It is designed to encourage 4th and 5th grade students to improve their grades each quarter.

All students received a Dilly Bar to kick off the program.
All students also received one of these cool bendy pens. 
 The program focuses on self-improvement, while also teaching about GPA.  Unlike a normal honor roll stystem, there is no minimum GPA required.  As long as their GPA increases by at least 1% from one quarter to the next, students are eligible to receive the award.

*Inside the report card envelope was your child's goals and GPA grade calculations for this program.

Monday, October 27, 2014

We're Going to the Zoo...

Tomorrow we are headed to the St. Louis Zoo!
Remember we are going no matter what the weather.  So dress in layers!

Remember -
*Be at school at 8 AM with your lunch, drink, and best behavior!
We want to show everyone that we are wonderful students from Gardner Elementary School.

*There is no need for money.   We will not be going to any shops.
*You may bring a camera, but YOU are responsible for it.

Parent Chaperons - remember to be at the Gardner cafeteria at 7:50 am to get your wrist band and hear the brief chaperone orientation with Mrs. Ivers.  Then come on down to the classroom for more details about the day!

What a GREAT way to celebrate Halloween and review skills we are learning in our science study of animal adaptations!

I really enjoy going to the zoo in the fall.
It fits perfectly with what we've been studying.
The trees are beautiful.  
The animals are more active.

we do a scavenger hunt!
  The zoo is decorated for their "Boo at the Zoo" event!

The zoo classroom is a favorite event of the day!

Check out some photos and videos from previous zoo field trips to get a sneak peek at all the cool things we will do at the zoo!

Red Ribbon Week!

Don't forget this week is Red Ribbon Week!
Monday is wear RED day!  
(We see red when we think of drugs)
A quick picture of us wearing red as we were coming back from library today!

Remember tomorrow is "wear a cap or hat"!  
(Please note this is optional - since we are at the zoo.  
If you want to wear a hat to the zoo, you certainly may but you do not have to wear one!)